.Portraits | Jacob & James.


i can’t believe it! when i was going through my photos, i realized….


i don’t know HOW this could’ve slipped my mind, but these are my adorable little cousins Jacob and James! (: and speaking of twins from my last post, these guys are too!

i can’t get over how adorable they are! get ready for some cuteness overload! (;

DSC_7013 DSC_7027 DSC_7032 DSC_7038 DSC_7048 DSC_7049 DSC_7095 DSC_7104 DSC_7108 DSC_7116 DSC_7125 DSC_7128 DSC_7132 DSC_7135 DSC_7352 DSC_7394DSC_7412 DSC_7425DSC_7433DSC_7501DSC_7120DSC_7489


*insert warm fuzzies here*




just want to give ya’ll the update. obviously, Ksquared got a new face…..

like not as in a new photographer, i’m still me :) but my website was re-vamped! so if any of my posts seem “off” and the pictures don’t line up, that’s why.. new dimensions tend to mess with my old posts ;)

but i’m hoping this one will stick! :)

kay that’s all…. keep checking back, i have some shoots lined up on my calendar!!!


smile!! :D




.Portraits | Hannah & Deborah.

i’ve known these munchkins since they were wee ones at my old church. like legit wee ones. haha and needless to say they aren’t wee ones anymore. :) one of my favorite shoots so far, the sunset was absolutely perfect!! ((((:

enjoy!! <3

DSC_2996 DSC_3008 DSC_3026 DSC_3040 DSC_3046 DSC_3047 DSC_3085 DSC_3113 DSC_3152 DSC_3155DSC_3160 DSC_3185DSC_3202 DSC_3221 DSC_3239DSC_3280DSC_3255 DSC_3268 DSC_3292DSC_3293 DSC_3294DSC_3297 DSC_3316DSC_3319 DSC_3339 DSC_3343 DSC_3347DSC_3353  DSC_3366DSC_3377DSC_3355DSC_3422 DSC_3426 DSC_3441 DSC_3449 DSC_3452 DSC_3469 DSC_3489 DSC_3507 DSC_3516 DSC_3519 DSC_3525 DSC_3621 DSC_3653 DSC_3661 DSC_3674DSC_3440 DSC_3461 DSC_3470


incase you’re wondering. yes, they are related. and. incase you’re wondering again. yes, they are twins :)

*happy sigh* so much goodness!!! definitely in my favorites right now…. did i already say that? oh, too bad ;) hahaha




.Portraits | Marcee.

guys. guys. guys. guys. guys.

meet the most beautiful soul you’ll ever meet.



her name is Marcee. and she always always always makes me smile. she is so generous to everyone she meets. she makes you feel important. like you could do anything you put your mind to by just saying “Hello!” to you.

at least… that’s how i feel ;)

haha anyways.. i’m gonna shut up and let these pictures speak for themselves! :D



DSC_2218 DSC_2241DSC_2242 DSC_2243DSC_2244 DSC_2279DSC_2282DSC_2285 DSC_2287DSC_2291 DSC_2364DSC_2404 DSC_2437

DSC_2439 DSC_2442 DSC_2490 DSC_2495 DSC_2512 DSC_2539 DSC_2545 DSC_2548 DSC_2556 DSC_2564 DSC_2599 DSC_2614 DSC_2620


DSC_2633 DSC_2637 DSC_2650 DSC_2651 DSC_2689 DSC_2694 DSC_2695 DSC_2700 DSC_2744 DSC_2746 DSC_2751 DSC_2763 DSC_2773 DSC_2775DSC_2774 DSC_2815 DSC_2836 DSC_2838   DSC_2862 DSC_2871 DSC_2920DSC_2847DSC_2851DSC_2922 DSC_2951


thank you Marcee for a wonderful time :) i love you!!





.Portraits | Steph.

Steph. oh, Steph. what can i say? you are the brightest soul i’ve ever met, and it’s beautiful!

i met Steph when i worked at Applebee’s, she trained me, and i got to work with her quite a bit. she never failed to bring a smile to my face, and she has such a genuine personality.


when she suggested we shoot each other (haha) i was like… um, HECK YAS.

okay just look and her beautiful face for the next few minutes :))

DSC_1724 DSC_1726 DSC_1727 DSC_1731 DSC_1745 DSC_1746 DSC_1748 DSC_1751 DSC_1754 DSC_1786 DSC_1794 DSC_1799 DSC_1809 DSC_1822 DSC_1828 DSC_1830

DSC_1836DSC_1831DSC_1837 DSC_1841 DSC_1844


DSC_1988 DSC_2009DSC_2011 DSC_2012DSC_2013 DSC_2014DSC_2015 DSC_2019DSC_2023DSC_2026DSC_2027 DSC_2034 DSC_2058 DSC_2061 DSC_2064 DSC_2080 DSC_2081 DSC_2087 DSC_2093 DSC_2097 DSC_2098 DSC_2099 DSC_2100 DSC_2101 DSC_2107 DSC_2110 DSC_2115 DSC_2117

DSC_2126 DSC_2128 DSC_2129 DSC_2130DSC_2141DSC_2136DSC_2140  DSC_2147 DSC_2148 DSC_2150 DSC_2152


timer selfies :)

love you Steph!! till next time <3


smile!! :D




.Flips, Dogs, and Photography.





i have the immense privilege of being able to teach photography to a girl i babysat for a week with her two siblings about 4 years ago… i absolutely adore their family, and have kept in contact with them over the years.


last time i hung out with them i had some fun with her, her brother, their two dogs, and a trampoline.

a good time was had by all :)

DSC_1471 DSC_1472 DSC_1496 DSC_1499 DSC_1544 DSC_1545 DSC_1546 DSC_1550 DSC_1554 DSC_1555 DSC_1561 DSC_1568 DSC_1620 DSC_1622 DSC_1630 DSC_1631 DSC_1632 DSC_1633 DSC_1638 DSC_1639 DSC_1646 DSC_1650 DSC_1651 DSC_1658 DSC_1661 DSC_1662 DSC_1663 DSC_1683 DSC_1684 DSC_1686


.Wedding | Jessica & Ron.

there is seriously nothing better than hearing the words “I LOVE THEM!!!!” after whoever you photographed sees the photos for the first time. from anyone you shoot. it’s the reason i love photography so much. to freeze the moments people love the most. to look back at the beauty, the happiness, the story.

i’m so happy to tell you guys that i was able to photograph my own wedding last month. and last week i was able to give the bride the photos. i loved every minute of this wedding, although we were scared that we’d have to move the wedding indoors due to the weather, when we arrived that morning, it was beautiful blue sky that greeted us with the sun shining beautifully between the clouds.

i hope you enjoy these pictures as much as i did taking them! Congratulations again, Jessica and Ron!

DSC_0263 DSC_8964 DSC_8969DSC_9039DSC_9003DSC_9049DSC_9028 DSC_9037DSC_9069 IMG_8034DSC_9061DSC_9110DSC_9111DSC_9150DSC_9144IMG_8158IMG_8171IMG_8189DSC_9098DSC_9102DSC_9107DSC_9126DSC_9180DSC_9188DSC_9193DSC_9190DSC_9196DSC_9199DSC_9224DSC_123DSC_125 DSC_131DSC_127DSC_129  DSC_132DSC_134 DSC_137 DSC_139 DSC_140 DSC_141DSC_147 DSC_148DSC_152






IMG_8564 IMG_8565

















*warm fuzzies*

and special thanks to Ally (One Pipe Dream) for assisting this wedding as well! couldn’t have done it without you and i’m so grateful for you! :)


smile! :D





.Emily | Senior Session.

guys forgive me!!! between 2 jobs, the holidays, a wedding, and being sick. i haven’t had much time to keep up with my blog :( but, new year as arrived, and i’m so excited for what it’s going to bring me in regards to photography.. my plans? TRAVEL. but let’s keep that our little secret ;)


anyways, this post isn’t about me, it’s about this beautiful lady right here!


i’ve known Emily forrrrrr…… gosh i don’t even know how long. probably a good 7 or 8 years. i met her when my sister was playing volleyball in high school, her mom was the coach and i drew her a picture of a horse.

DSC_8160 DSC_8215 DSC_8220

we had the craziest of times growing up hahaha already laughing thinking about some of the things we did. but i love every memory i have with her. she’s one of the most down to earth, funny, and talented girls i know. and i’m so excited for her graduation!

DSC_8370 DSC_8423DSC_8373 DSC_8419  DSC_8450



DSC_8478 DSC_8488 DSC_8500 DSC_8502 DSC_8522 DSC_8551 DSC_8606DSC_8566 DSC_8614 DSC_8623 DSC_8624 DSC_8667  DSC_8719DSC_8718DSC_8724 DSC_8759 DSC_8790 DSC_8795



DSC_8821 DSC_8829 DSC_8834 DSC_8841 DSC_8853 DSC_8854

DSC_8868 DSC_8878 DSC_8882 DSC_8898 DSC_8924 DSC_8945 DSC_8952


Congrats again on graduating Emily! i’m so excited to see where the Lord takes you in this next chapter of your life! i love you!!


smile! :D